2nd of 3 rounds competition

Highest individual score over 3 rounds wins

No scoring as a group

1st prize in each category will receive a £50 voucher for Wales archery specialist shop

Round 2 - 2nd February


All mechanical and sighted bows

Flatbows and longbows

Recurve and horsebows


Scoring zones are the head - neck ONLY!

Archers may choose their peg, each peg offers a different score multiplier

Red = x3 points

White = x2 points

Blue = x1 points

Disputes on arrow placement are to be settled in your group by vote

Arrow allocation:

Compound/sighted bows - 6 arrows

Traditional/recurve/flat/longbows - 8 arrows

You will have 5 minutes maximum to retrieve any arrows once everyone has shot

Time to be kept by your group/the group following

Any lost/broken arrows may not be replaced in your quiver

Other information:

You MUST take part in all 3 rounds to take 1st place

No inexperienced archers may take part

Any ties will be settled by a marksman shootoff

No range finders of any description


Gates 9:00am

Registration 10:00am at the LATEST

10:15 Start!

Happy headhunting!


Headhunter Series Competition