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Wye Valley Archery is a family friendly, custom built field archery course.

We are located in the beautiful setting of the Wye Valley between the ancient market town of Chepstow and the City of Newport, 3.7 miles from Chepstow along the A48 near Crick.

We are approximately 30 minutes from Cardiff and Bristol, 40 minutes from Bath, 50 minutes from Cheltenham and Gloucester, and 60 minutes from Swindon. This puts archers from Monmouthshire, Glamorgan, Brecknockshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset all within easy striking range of a good day out shooting!

Experience levels range from those who want to "have a go", through to master bowmen. We welcome individuals, families and groups, our archers range from 6 to 70 years old.

We are available for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and stag / hen parties (so long as you are not hungover/inebriated). We are also available for team building and corporate events.

Equipment is available to hire by prior arrangement.

We operate on a pay and play basis, subject to conditions. There are NO membership fees. At registration, everyone using the course is required to "Sign In" to the log book after reading and agreeing to abide by the course rules. This is followed by a safety talk and induction.

Field Archery is an outdoor sport, therefore sensible footwear and suitable, weather appropriate clothing is necessary. No shorts or high heels please.

We ask that everyone who uses the course respects the resident wildlife and the surrounding habitat.


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Control Range:

On this range the gradient of the ground is flat, there are no light illusions, there is no dead ground, there are no obstacles and the ranges are marked, hence the name "Control range". It is a great place to…

  • Teach new archers how to shoot safely

  • Warm up

  • Practice

  • Test new equipment

  • Tune bows

3D Course:

Wye Valley Archery boasts 40 lifelike foam animal targets across 2 courses.

These shots are designed to be both interesting and challenging, with different pegs for each individuals level of skill. Expect to see "dead ground"

(uneven rolling terrain) and minor obstacles around the target.

Our courses are a great place to...

  • Compete with yourself or friends

  • Relax and center yourself

  • Enjoy the breathtaking views

  • (Most importantly) Have fun!

The 3D range comprises 40 targets cunningly set up in several acres of woods and fields. These are life sized model animals. Some are small, such as an Owl and Meerkat, some are 6 foot tall like the Bears! Each with their own Kill Zone. Scoring can be taught to you and your group on the day but is not necessary. Target ranges are between 18yds and a whopping 80yds.

Each target has a set of associated shooting positions that you will see on approach to the target, these pegs are assigned to you by the instructor based on your skill level. Silver pegs are specifically for compound shooters, Red for Experienced archers, White for intermediate and Blue for beginner.

Due to safety requirements you MUST ASK before increasing your peg difficulty, Peg allocation will be handed out by the Wye Valley Archery team.

As a hire group you will start on blue. With one foot on the peg, one archer shoots an arrow at the target, if they miss the target then they repeat the shot up to 3 times. Once everyone has either shot the target or expended three arrows we move on to the next target and repeat from the group's starting peg. Only one arrow per archer on each target counts towards the score. Score cards can be found in the office.






Another terrifying zombie shoot at WVA

Credit to Krow \m/ for the images in this album!

Cash payment will be taken on the day. Card payments coming soon! 

Already equipped archers first time at WVA OR

Experienced archers requiring tuition: £20.00

Adult Hire and Tuition per Session: £35.00

Children Hire and Tuition per session: £25.00

Regular Members

Day Ticket for signed off archers with their own equipment, from 11am to Sunset: £15.00

Please Contact Us for rates on large groups and corporate events

Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

When Hiring equipment at Wye Valley Archery you will receive the essentials that you need to get out and about. These include a take down re-curve bow, bracer, arrows and quiver. Specialist hire is also available. Contact Us if you have any special requirements.

Each hire session comes with tuition by one of our qualified instructors. They will give you the best start to get you out and shooting, giving expert advice and tips. Tuition is also available on demand for those archers looking to brush up on their skills.

Wye Valley Archery is located in and around woodland and shrubland. You will be walking around woodland, through nettles and brambles (even more so if you're looking for a lost arrow).

Be sure to wear long leg wear and sensible walking/hiking shoes and tie back any long hair.




Address: Crick Road

Postcode/City: NP26 5XU Portskewett

County: Monmouthshire Wales


Phone: 01291 625861

Mobile: 07847 658 653